Lisduff’s Healthy Rashers and Pudding.


lisduff turkey products

What if you could get pudding and rashers which are healthier and yet very tasty?  We’re excited to be launching Lisduff turkey rashers and puddings.  Taste how good they are yourself at our in-store tasting on April 29th. Lisduff are already known for their fabulous range of bacon products.

Lisduff Turkey Pudding“The range is aimed at the health conscious as the products are high in protein and low in fat. Lisduff Fine Foods has won many awards for their other products and has just received a National Enterprise Award for New Product Development for their turkey range. The Lisduff Fine Food turkey range is very tasty and it is suited to the health conscious, people watching their weight and the time pressed.”
Robert Tormey, founder

The range which is bursting with flavour was created by Robert Tormey, the founder of Lisduff Fine Foods.  Robert was born and bred out of four generations of butchers, he grew up in the craft butchery business, starting as an eager butcher’s apprentice at 12 years of age. Now with over 40 years of experience behind him, Robert is proud to present his own range of premium handcrafted turkey rashers and puddings.



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