Local Business In Focus: 250 Kal

250kal-picAnother new product has come to our bakery department this week (by the way, have you tried our new premium range doughnuts?) – is 250 Kal Low Sugar cakes.  Since we’ve stocked them at SuperValu Lucan this week, these blue and pink boxes of cakes have been proving very popular indeed.

The brand is run in partnership by brother and sister Robert and Denise Hallam.  Since being diagnosed with Diabetes in 2008, sugar is off the menu for Robert, and this was one of the motivations to establish 250 Kal:

“but the reality is we should all be cutting down on our sugar intake, the 250Kal range of healthy treats helps reduce sugar consumption, with less calories, while tasting every bit as good as their full-sugar/calorie equivalents”.



We were delighted to meet Denise in store to try out some tasty samples of 250 Kal Low Sugar cakes and here more about the success story behind their business.  Check it out:



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