Two Craft-On-Draft Beers, Two Recipes

beersFor craft beer lovers, one of the best things about our beer and wine department is our unique Craft-On-Draft taps and growlers.  These are great if you want something a little different when a few friends are over for dinner.


This week we have great beers from O’Hara’s:  O’Hara’s Freebird White IPA, and O’Hara’s Leann Folláin Extra Irish Stout, and Neil has given us a few recipe suggestions for how to best enjoy these drinks.

So what food pairings could you enjoy Freebird with?  Neil suggests ‘bold flavours such as spicy Mexican dishes, seafood and blue cheese’.  You can find two such fun SuperValu recipes below:

neil-beerAnd Leann Folláin?  Well, Neil suggests ‘Dark meats such as venison or beef… also to be enjoyed with blue cheeses’.  Here’s another two ideas:







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