Bowl-A-Granola in Focus

bowl-a-granolaThis week’s Food Academy In Focus piece looks at Bowl-A-Granola, based in Galway, established by Siobhán Joyce.  The perfect way to start a healthy 2017.

Siobhán Joyce set up her business, Bowl-a-Granola, in her home kitchen in 2012, both through necessity following redundancy and a desire to change paths and work in the food industry. She had spent 10 years working as an environmental officer and was happy with the challenge of a complete change. She began producing handmade granola and muesli to sell at Galway’s farmers markets and in a few independent shops.

bowl-a-granola-siobhan-joyceWhen the opportunity came for Galway food producers to join the Food Academy with SuperValu and the LEO, Siobhán had moved her production to a commercial kitchen and was already suppling 20 shops, 4 of which were SuperValu’s.  A year later, she supplied 45 stores around the country with that number rising to 82 by the end of that September. She has 2 staff members employed with further plans to expand the team.

Follow Bowl-A-Granola on facebook and twitter.




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