In Focus: Nutritiously Delicious

SuperValu Lucan Food Academy

Nutritiously Delicious is run by Andria Cross and Elaine Cahill – sisters in law, busy mums and nutritionists. Founded in 2013, the company is very much a holistic nutritional resource, providing practical healthy eating advice to groups and individuals, as well as producing Nutritiously Delicious All-Natural Muesli and Luxury Porridge from Newmarket Kitchen in Bray, their breakfast products incorporate superfoods like raw organic coconut oil and maca powder (otherwise known as Peruvian ginseng) and have been specially designed by Andria and Elaine to be healthy and tasty in equal measure.

“When we’re creating healthy new recipes we know how important taste is – our foods are all completely natural but they taste luxurious. There’s no point in producing food that the family won’t eat – as mums ourselves we understand how challenging it can be to get the family to eat healthily, and convenience is important especially with busy mornings, healthy can be convenient too”.

Before forming Nutritiously Delicious, Andria and Elaine had individually developed an interest in the role of food in health and wellbeing while following different careers. Andria worked in recruitment and sales and spent a number of years living away from Ireland in the Cayman Islands, London and the USA, where she saw a multitude of health trends and fads come and go.

screenshot-2016-11-24-at-14-53-13Increasingly suffering from allergies and fatigue, she began to explore food as a route to better health. Elaine studied to be a pharmaceutical technician at Trinity College Dublin and worked for over ten years in community pharmacy. Her experience in dispensing and interacting with her clients encouraged her to carry out research into the power of foods and the role that they can play in helping to prevent or slow down the progression of diet related diseases, and she too went on to qualify as a nutritionist. It was this shared passion for healthy eating and belief in the potentially profound effects of food upon health and wellbeing that brought the two together to found Nutritionally Delicious.

Nutritiously Delicious were fortunate to be accepted into the Food Academy in Spring of 2015. It was a brilliant overview into all facets of running a successful business and the knowledgeable guidance given by the mentors was excellent. Nutritiously Delicious began the first phase of introduction onto the Food academy shelves in September 2015. Since that time Nutritiously Delcious has grown exponentially, not only in sales but also in creating employment and ultimately the positive exposure of our brand with customers and social media.

The Food academy has been an amazing platform for Nutritiously Delicious, and a gentle introduction into supplying a leading food chain in Ireland.


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