Food Academy In Focus: KooKee


Different KooKee products are available in the Food Academy section of our store

Since starting Food Academy Kookee have won 2 Great Taste Awards and 2 Blas na hEireann Finalists awards. There are now 5 members of the Kookee team and the next few months will see big changes to their brand.  They are fully Coeliac and Dairy Free approved.

KooKee’s Pauline Clarke:

“The idea for KooKee came about after many Saturday mornings spent baking with my children. I gave up work to become a carer for my eldest son who is Autistic. As a family I wanted my children to enjoy playing together and I was investigating the benefits of a gluten & wheat free diet for people on the Autistic spectrum. One Saturday we made cookies and it soon became a weekly ritual. Over time, I realised that this may give me the opportunity to work and still be a carer. We started selling our cookies into local coffee shops but soon realised there was a demand from customers to enjoy our cookies at home. This sparked the idea of letting other familys enjoy our love of Baking. So we developed our Bake at Home Dry Cookie mixes. Thanks to our growth we will be moving this year to our own facilty, based in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

SuperValu Lucan Food Academy

“SuperValu has been the most important part of the growth that we have experienced. The training and support we have received through the Food Academy programme has been key to our expansion and has allowed us the opportunity to work within the retail sector.

“We work locally in Dundalk to support charity mornings, by providing that all important cookie to accompany the tea. We also support the Dundalk Santa Run to raise money for the homeless.


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