Berni’s Chicken and Mozarella Pesto Dish

Many thanks to Berni for sharing this recipe with us on Facebook.  Berni will be entered into the draw for a €100 shopping voucher.  Send your recipe to us (here) for your chance of winning €100 off your shopping!

pestoChicken and mozzarella pesto dish

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Ingredients: (for 4)

400g chicken
1 mozzarella ball
200ml cooking cream
3 tbl spoons basil pesto
Fusilli Pasta 


  1. Cut the chicken into cubes, put into medium heat large pan and fry for 10 minutes
  2. Drain the mozzarella ball and cut into bits
  3. Put pasta onto cook for 12 minutes while the chicken is still frying on a low heat
  4. Drain pasta and add to the chicken
  5. Add the cream and pesto into the chicken and pasta, mix thoroughly ensuring the mixture is piping hot
  6. Add the mozzarella bits and mix until melted


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