How To Choose The Perfect Wine

Food & Wine Matching

Kevin O’ Callaghan, SuperValu Wine Buyer, shares his extensive expertise on the world of wines that are open to exploration, the do’s and don’t’s of matching wines. 

Screenshot 2016-07-07 at 13.20.46With so many wine choices available to us it can be easier to stick with the tried and tested favorites and while there is nothing wrong with this; exploring new wines can yield fantastic results and open up a whole world of exciting flavours. At SuperValu we have the pleasure of working closely with our select, award-winning wine makers to develop a range of desirable wines, at pocket-friendly prices. So when choosing your next bottle of wine look out for wines with our Specially Sourced logo in SuperValu Lucan to ensure you get the quality guarantee.


  • Match the richness of the food with the body of the wine.
  • Mathc light dishes with light wines
  • Match high zesty food (tomatoes, fruit dishes etc. ) with wines of high acidity.
  • Match BBQ foods with oaked wines
  • Match hot or spicy foods (i.e. Indian) with dry unoaked white wines.


  • Pair full flavoured dishes with delicate or light wines
  • Pair oily or salty foods with high tannin dishes (they require lighter reds or zesty whites)
  • Pair hot/spicy foods (i.e. Indian) with high alcohol, high tannin or oaked wines – they’ll just clash
  • Pair fried foods with low acid wines (they require wines with high acidity, i.e. Sauvignon Blanc)

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