What Lucan’s All About

If there is an adjective for Lucan that comes to my mind first, that word is community.  Lucan’s community spirit was in no doubt last Friday night at the (virtually annual) County Colours Barbeque organized by Lucan Lions and Lucan Sarsfields GAA club.  This year, the event was in support of TEAM JAMES and Barretstown.

bbq2We counted at least  26 different county jerseys represented there (though, of course, Dublin was in the majority), as well as a fair few international jerseys, which went some way to highlight the brilliant diversity of the Lucan community.  Lucan Sarsfields GAA club was packed to its most colourful capacity!

After arriving, we were treated to some great food, supplied by SuperValu Lucan including barbequed steaks (I had the pepper sauce – fantastic!), salads, all prepared by expert chefs.

bbq3There followed an introduction where we learned about the vital work that Barretstown do, and why the County Colours BBQ was supporting them this year.  Mark Lacey spoke about the plans he and James Casserly have to break records by completing the Dublin Marathon together.  Then there came a raffle with prizes.

bbq4That sense of community was emphasised again during the Sports Star Interviews, with some Lucan GAA legends, who discussed their memories of the club, the importance of sport in the community and laughed about some funny moments too.

Thereafter, the dance floor was cleared of tables, the musicians came out, the music started and the floor was filled again with dancers.

If you’re looking for a great night out, that’s friendly, entertaining, casual, and for an important cause, don’t miss out on the County Colours BBQ by Lucan Lions which we very much hope to see continuing in the years to come.

Find out more about:

Team James on Twitter
Barretstown on Facebook and Twitter
Lucan Lions on Facebook and Twitter
Lucan Sarsfields GAA on Facebook and Twitter
SuperValu Lucan on Facebook and Twitter



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