How To Do A Week’s Shopping in Two Minutes

Sometimes, there’s something wonderful about being up early on a sunny Saturday morning off, and heading out to the shops for breakfast ingredients, the newspaper, and a spot of shopping.  The shop is still quiet – you’ve beaten the Saturday crowd – as the warm scent of freshly-baked bread greets you at the door, and you say “hi” to the friendly staff you’ve come to know over the years.  You take your time choosing from the fresh products and browsing about the store.  There is no rush today.  Everything is calm.

But let’s be honest.  Our shopping experience – our lives – do not always take place in those conditions.  There are those other times: Those days when you have to get the shopping done before your friends are due to arrive for dinner (did you get everything on that list? Don’t forget the cocktail sticks…)  Those other afternoons when you have to collect the kids early from school.  Or those rainy evenings when you’re simply too tired to enjoy the prospect of spending time shopping after a long day at work.

What if there was a way of shopping on your way home without even having to get out of the comfort of your car?  Your parking space is reserved right outside the shop door in a dry carpark.  Imagine if it only took a couple of minutes to get everything on your list.  There’s no queues, no checkouts.  Keep listening to your favourite music or radio station while your groceries are packed into your boot for you.

It’s not a dream.  With Click and Collect at SuperValu Lucan all of this is possible.  Purchase your shopping list online, book your time slot, and we will bring the products to your car.  No need to worry about finding anything or forgetting anything.  No distractions.  Simple, relaxed, efficient.





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